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On this page you will find the current and past issues of TapTrack, the newsletter of the NationalFederation of the Blind of Kansas. To submit articles for a future edition of the newsletter contact Tom Page by sending him an e-mail to: Tom Page.














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What Is The NfB All About, (New One-Minute Message)

Dear Friends:

I am often asked, �What is the National Federation of the Blind all about?� I�m sure you are asked the same question. Our new one-minute message, which we have introduced as part of our new branding effort, is one way to answer that question. This message is meant to be shared with potential members, potential donors, and members of the general public. Here�s a link to a video ( that we have produced with NFB members conveying the one-minute message. Please take a moment to watch this very short video, and then take just a few more minutes to share the link with your family and friends via e-mail or through your preferred social networking platform. Help us to spread our positive message about blindness and blind people: you can have the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back!

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