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Phone and Keyboard Shortcuts

Phone (Dial-In) Shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

*A full list of keyboard shortcuts can be found on the Zoom website. Tips and Tricks

“The Room is Zoom: An Overview for Many of the National Convention Sessions” (July 2020 Braille Monitor article)

Meet Me in the Cloud (audiobook that provides an accessible tutorial of the Zoom platform)

JAWS and Zoom Scripts

There are recent updated scripts to help with Zoom for anyone running into issues with JAWS 2020. JAWS 2019 does not have Zoom script support provided by Freedom Scientific and users will need to use the speech on demand feature, which is a toggle using Insert+Space followed by S, to suppress zoom alerts. For JAWS 2020, copy the ZoomSoftware.jsb file into your JAWS 2020 settings folder (see instructions below if that folder’s location is a mystery), paste the file into your JAWS setting folder, and you are almost finished.

Restart JAWS and Zoom and everything should work! Here are a few important additional details that everyone using JAWS and Zoom together will need to take note of:

Make sure both Windows and the Zoom desktop app are up to date. IMPORTANT! When you’re in Zoom you’ll notice when you press ALT+H, and the chat window is toggled open, you’ll hear notifications, but if the chat window is closed you won’t get the chat notifications. With the chat window toggled open you can then use ALT+WINDOWS+S to mute notifications For older versions of JAWS, users can download Bryan Hartgen’s scripts, but we can’t speak to their functionality. In the absence of scripts users can also mute notifications by temporarily using INSERT+SPACEBAR, S, to toggle on speech on demand; this will keep JAWS from speaking while someone is listening to a Zoom presentation. To quickly open your JAWS settings folder:

Note: All of these fixes will be rolled into the next release of JAWS, and you’ll then need to delete this file from your JAWS settings folder.

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